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It is an extremely meticulously and painstakingly researched book which presents how the nexus between politics, big business, and bureaucracy operates. The detailed documentation is pretty close to mind-boggling.
Worth reading and strongly recommended for any and every one who is curious about how oligarchies develop and function, particularly in the privatisation of national natural resources. Very relevant in the light of the recent coal-gate judgment by the Supreme Court.
Jagdeep Chhokar - Published on Flipkart.com

This book actually clears the image of Reliance, Reliance Industries, Reliance Communication and mainly of that Reliance which is making profits by selling the nation. They're doing what is called White Corruption. No one even scientists, reformers, uncorrputed bureaucrats, etc. are raising a voice over it. The land subsidence is happening before their eyes but the Committee tells "NO RELATION WITH DRILLING IN KG BASIN". What Reliance is doing can be termed a Crime without proof with legitimacy.
Keshav Arora - Published on Flipkart.com

The book is one of its kind, joining the dots of news we have heard about Ambani Brother's Feuds, KG D6 Gas Pricing and Political up-downs, the book is an account of a real life thriller that was being played in front of your eyes and you just missed it!
Mohit Jain - Published on Flipkart.com

Long ago, there was a self made made multi-zillionaire called Dhirubhai Ambani. He built a huge empire which was from gas wells to wall sockets. Unfortunately he died young ( late 60s, I think) and intestate. Like all good Hindi movies, both the sons were at each others throats and finally an amicable settlement was arrived at with the help of Maa and a few wise elders. While token peace was made, they were still fighting cases in the Supreme Court over related matters. What is the story of two siblings doing in a book review, you may ask? The review begins now.
Big brother got oil and gas and all factories/related businesses and the more flamboyant brother got media, telecom and financial services and some supply for Gas for his power plants from big brother's gas finds.
Big brother is in the drilling business. In simple terms, there is lot of gas below the earth's surface and big companies take big trillion dollar bets and bid for drilling. Contracts are signed indicating how much will the Government get ( which owns the gas) and how much the business guys who took the risk get? This is the story of BP, Chevron et al. And what happens when the contracts get reinterpreted and ministers change , bureaucrats cosy upto the business guys, honest upright government officers / technocrats ( yes..they still exist) take up cudgels with the most powerful business family...The book is all about this.
First rate research...should appreciate the painstaking research the others have undertaken
However, long and dreary. Remember Paranjoy Thakurta ( the guy with the funny pony tail ) use to haunt our TVs in late 90s/early 21st century with his own business channel...till it got gobbled up by some other bigger channel...he is verbose, judgmental and takes 2 paras to say something that someone can say in one line. So the book becomes painful to read inspite of the goldmine of scoops in it...possibly it needed a good editor who can shave of some 50% of the text...and it will also became a great book.
There are too many things packed into the book. Is it the story of two rich and successful siblings and their shenanigans and business rivalry? .....that would have been an interesting...is it a book on how private business is making merry with government/people;s resources...that also would have been interesting...or is it about crony capitalism..and how the government is hand in glove with big business....that would have been great...or is it a primer / Dummy's Guide on oil drilling and related issues which could have been compulsory reading for Petroleum Engineering students...that would have been a masterly tome...Unfortunately this book is all of the above....and that is where the problem is...four books in one book and twice as long...
Some interesting trivia.
Notice that the book is self published...whatever it means...all I can infer is that no publishing house was willing to publish it.
For some strange reason not available in any Crosswords / Landmark or any of the standard book stalls that we all haunt in the malls and airports...you can only buy it on Flipkart and Amazon.
If you can do speed reading and skip all the stuff that doesn't interest you...then go read the book....otherwise avoidable. We can wait for some good NYT reporter to produce a masterly tome in the next 4-5 years on this. It is too important a subject to be ignored.
Divakar Kaza - Published on Amazon.in

Paranjoy has delved deep into the documents pertaining to the exploitation of gas reserves in the Krishna-Godavari basin by Mukesh Ambani's company, which has allegedly siphoned off gas belonging to ONGC in the same basin and has preferred to keep the gas in the earth to await a gas price hike. The UPA government offered to increase it from $2.4 a btu to $4.8, but had to keep it in abeyance due to the poll conduct rules. This book should appeal to all those who are interested in following the direction in which "oligarchs" like Ambani are taking control of the country's vital natural resources. It will also be of great interest to journalists since the book establishes a new standard in investigative journalism.
Darryl DMonte - Published on Amazon.in

A well-researched book and the authors have made real good effort to put such a complex issue as Gas Pricing in a proper perspective for the readers to understand. Though the subject has a lot of technicalities the authors have tried their best to keep it simple for readers to comprehend how manipulation is done at every stage to increase the Gas Prices. Having worked in the energy sector for over 25 years I could relate very well to the situations well described in this book. The authors should be commended for taking great efforts to put all information in a most exhaustive manner to the readers. The nexus between the politicians, bureaucrats and business houses is the essence of crony capitalism that continues to plague this country. Strongly recommend that every Indian should read this book. I appeal to both the authors and the publisher to have this book translated in all possible Indian Languages so that more people are aware of the behind the scenes of Indian Politics and the game the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats play in tandem to fool the people of this country, irrespective to which political party they belong.
Rama Varma - Published on Amazon.in

Only a compilation of events and consequent speculations so interesting only from that perspective. However, no analysis at all. Even some basic financial analysis will expose how simplistic, and often baseless, the speculations are. Unfortunately, apart from some exceptions, that's how business journalism globally is.
Mudit Parashar - Published on Amazon.com

More or less it is just a compilation of newspaper reports. It offers hardly anything for those who have been following the story. For uninitiated it is a collection of newspaper articles.
Girish Kuber - Published on Amazon.com

It is a well researched book. Very informative - it requires some amount of industry to stock to finance knowledge to comprehend completely.
Chintan - Published on Amazon.in

This is a fascinating book which for the very first time takes the reader into the complex world of gas pricing. Its really written like a documentary which allows one to introspect and come to one's conclusions as to whether a method or idea is correct, right or otherwise. Would strongly recommend this to all in the world of petroleum and also finance.
gops - Published on Amazon.com

This is a wonderful book that disclose the factors pertaining to the nexus between the politicians and business people and how the normal citizens are cheated and got affected by the unholy relationships.
R.Rajendrakumar - Published on Amazon.in

Fearless journalist like pranjoyda, subirda & jyotirmoy r asset & required in our country. salute u sir for revealing the truth abt our priceless resourses.
birbrat - Published on Amazon.in

All should read this book. and i shall keep this as one of collectible books. do read, nicely written. Keep it Up.
Bhavik Doshi - Published on Amazon.in

Though the topic was interesting, it seemed that the author had a bias against Reliance while writing the book.It did not seem balanced in its arguments. Most of the incidents in the book have been narrated with the idea of highlighting crony-capitalism by Reiance. The contrarion argument is rare. All the central ideas have been repeated throughout the book. As I reached the later chapters, I could not find anything new and was wishing for the book to be finished. Needs some work to be done on editing i.e. found some passages repeated. I also noted a disconnect in the chain of events in come cases i.e. author talks about Vereppa Moilly from 1970 till 2014 and then suddenly moves back to 1997.
Navnidhi Biyani - Published on Amazon.in

Read this and you will understand that how they have been manipulating each govt...they've already sent legal notice to the authors...I feel that the book will get a ban because money-wise they are powerful....so buy it soon....What is Crony Capitalism? Well, read this and you will understand.
Fronin Gour - Published on Flipkart.com

For anyone who has not sold out their soul to save millions of Indians from terrible effects of inflation, this book is a timely and documented with Facts to show that Congress and Namo leadership has sold out India.
Anu - Published on Flipkart.com

Good book with excellent cross references. For sure there are too many repetitions of same/similar paragraphs throughout the book but it provides good info to the readers. Besides Gas dispute, it also have some content on other privatized gas/oil fields (during PV Narsimha Rao Govt from 1991-96) as well as some content on privatization of BALCO and IPCL taken during NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1998-2004) that was great.
Sushil Chauhan - Published on Amazon.com

What a book. well researched with all the necessary back up materials in the form of appendix. Must read in today's context. It proves how RIL is looting our country in connivance with our national parties, both Congress and BJP.
Garfield - Published on Goodreads.com

Really hard work has gone in writing this book. Well done. Author should write on this issue after four- five years again.
GS Malik - Published on Amazon.in

I would definitely recommend this book. This explains a dirty nexus of all political parties leaders and officials with RIL.
Maroof - Published on Amazon.in

Its really an Eye Opener which exposes the Huge Corruption going on in the System and the Common Man is not aware of it. This book provides great source of information which was not available anywhere. Good Work.
Janak Keshriya - Published on Amazon.in

The book is quite detailed, and the analysis is presented in a format one can easily comprehend. Can be read any anyone who wants to understand more about this issue, and on why RIL is actually seeking to ban this book :(Amazon is the recommended delivery agent as it is quick to deliver, has a beautiful packing, costs less in shipping, and ensures a safe delivery!)
Varun Reddy - Published on Amazon.in

"Dheeraj natwarlal Ambani as the founder of Reliance is, has set anew trend in corporate India and paased the baton to his two descendents.................Pranjoy has done great deal of work............Looking at dhirubai's pedgree that Polyster price was banned, it was a good decison to have the book before ambanis took similar steps to gag the author. Bang on target when news came that Khetan & Co issued legal notice to stop publishing and distributing this " so called pamphlet"...............actually crony capitalism is growing in this country when people who are supposed to preserve the law compromise for personal gains. See case of Sahara........and concern expressed by Justice Radhakrishnan..................... But very informative book and very authentic. Good Job Pranjoy.
shailesh kumar - Published on Amazon.in

"Having read more than half the book, it is one of the most comprehensive and meticulously researched account of the privatisation of oil and gas exploration in India, how the production-sharing contract and its implementation have been tweaked, overriding dissenting views of ministers and bureaucrats who were removed, to favour Reliance Industries Ltd. and the the catastrophic impact of such policy-capture on the gas-sector and Indian economy. As Veritas Investment Research Centre had written about RCL, RIL is the poster-child of everything that has been wrong with privatisation of natural resources in India."
Saurabh Bhattacharjee - West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

This book is a real eye-opener and gives an insight about Reliance industries and greed of Ambani brothers. This relentless gnawing will one day kill the common man of India. The problem is that this corporate greed is completely fixated with controlling the natural resources of the country. After oil and natural gas, water, electricity, daily retail items, everything under the sun will profit few crony capitalists.
Sanjeev Sharma - Published on Flipkart.com

I would like to thank the author's of the book for bringing out the true face of ambani's in front of public.Book describes how reliance is looting our natural resources and making hefty profit out of it.Natural resource belong to indian's NOT to any Particular business. Really SAD that even the indian govt. is hand in gloves with these crooks.Only way to change this is to change the politics of the country for the better.AAP is the only option. A MUST READ !
Chacha Chaudhary - Published on Flipkart.com

This book should be the topic of political debate in India. Bravely and honestly describes how the gas pricings were illegally manipulated,thousands of crores worth scam by u know who, and now they are threatening the authors....lol joke.
Hrishikesh Waikar - Published on Flipkart.com

Most countries face similar issues but what makes it worse for us is that we have a weak legislation, weak decision makers, weak implementation, extremely strong corrupt people at board rooms and legislative tables. With such info in the the public domain, I hope India would attain a diection of hope and change and not crony capitalism on all sides of the shore. I received the book, read a few pages, saddened by our countries lost measurable asssets where a few have exploited for their own gain.
Sibi Mathews - Published on Flipkart.com

Its a must read book for all Indians, as it clearly shows the extent and reach of crony-capitalism in India.
Neeraj Batra - Published on Amazon.in

I have purchased the Kindle edition. It seems that no one has bothered to read the book even once before publishing it. While the subject matter is interesting and the author had done a lot of research, the final output leaves a lot to be desired. The typos are glaring, entire paragraphs are repeated, sentences break mid way, words are missing and so on. Also the treatment of the subject is extremely technical (more like a legal brief rather than a book). If it were not for the good subject and research, the book would have been rated even lower.
Rajeev Thakkar - Published on Amazon.in

The contents of the book are truly explosive, it's great that the timing has been matched with the elections to expose corruption at the highest levels of government.

The book is outstanding on all counts: facts, research, racy reading never permitting a dull moment, yet not straying from the well-researched content. Conveys complex issues in simple language. The prologue as the curtain raiser makes the reader involved and interested. The book will serve as a good backgrounder and a ready reckoner to auditors. The depth of knowledge and detail is commendable. The issue of crony capitalism which has gripped the country so comprehensively: this subject has been clinically analyzed in chapters 10 and 14 very effectively. All in all, a must read. Strong on content, narration and objectivity. A commendable effort. I compliment the lead writer and both the supporting authors.
Vinod Rai - Former Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Reading the book, one takes heart from the many dedicated people, journalists, bureaucrats, technical experts, and, yes, politicians both in opposition as well as even within successive governments, who have opposed and continue to oppose what can only be described as a huge fraud on the Indian people to favour one business group. The book is not just a hatchet job. It reports fairly and accurately the complex arguments made both by proponents of the Rangarajan formula on gas pricing, as well its opponents (who do not speak in a single voice). It does bring out the (considerable) financial risks that are borne by the companies engaged in deep water oil and gas exploration. Yes, these companies do need to be rewarded for their courage. What the book shows is that one business house has sought to mitigate its own business risks to such an extent, that the Indian public finally bears all risks in case of failure, while the company enjoys huge profits, unbelieveable profits, earning far higher margins than anywhere else, in case of success. And at the Indian public's cost. Shame on the government and politicians who colluded in this fraud. A final note : if the byzantine relationship between the two brothers doesn't interest you, then skip straight to Chapter-10 and read on. It's a slow trudge through reams of opinions, arguments, facts and figures. The book is dense with detail, be warned. But everyone interested in the pathology of the relationship between business and government in India : in particular one gigantic business house : must read this book.
Muk - Published on Amazon.com

Rapidly racing ahead on the charts online, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta's latest book is most certainly as explosive as the gas wars it writes about, and pulls no punches as it goes about taking on the Ambanis. Not going to be easy to withdraw all copies of what is already in 4 days online (published 27mar'14) at # 69 overall, this book needs to be, in my humble opinion, released in regional languages as soon as possible too. Hats off to Paranjoy's guts, have always admired the man's ferocious tenacity, and proud to have known him going back more than a few decades. There has been a lot of blood, sweat and effort in this book and this is, in my estimate, where books become straight news. Reading, however, as good or better than any thriller. You want to know how aircraft and choppers are sabotaged, for example, and why so many challengers had airplanes/choppers fall out of the skies? Check this book out. (And not just because my good self is mentioned in the credits for which I am grateful to PGT.)
Veeresh Malik

My advice : skip straight to chapter 10. Even then it's dense with detail. This is NOT an easy read.
Ram Mukundan
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